Post-Treatment Care and Considerations


* You may experience mild discomfort, redness and/or flaking of the skin

* It is NOT necessary to see visible flaking or peeling of the skin for the peel to have worked

* DISCONTINUE use of any corrective products in your homecare for the next 7 days; including
Retinols, Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin C or any other exfoliating products

* AVOID vigorous exercise or excessive heat including saunas, steam baths, hot showers or
chlorinated pools for 48 hours following your treatment

* AVOID waxing, IPL or laser treatments for 2 weeks following the treatment

* Ultra Daily SPF Protection MUST be used daily

Rare side effects can occur whenever a skin treatment is performed

Do NOT pick at peeling skin
Do NOT prematurely expose the skin to the sun

If you have any questions or concerns following your treatment at Solari Salon & Spa, Please Click Here to contact us